Making the Decision to Send Your Child to Kids Boot Camp

Many parents who send their kids to kids boot camp do so out of an emotional reaction to their frustration that has been building up for some time. Many people know how harsh the environment can be in juvenile boot camps and there are issues surrounding it that give parents pause before they send their children to these camps. Parents want their children to come home “fixed”; compliant, obedient, respectful, and responsible, unlike what they were before. Many parents who send their children to bootcamps for teens are also worried that they can’t do anything by themselves to stop their teens’ downward spiral. They may engage in dangerous activities, abuse substances, and get into trouble with authorities which will worsen into their adulthood.Sending children to boot camp for teens is an extreme decision to make. If you have second thoughts, it’s best to take the time to think about the decision further. There are many camps posing as “boot camps” but are not licensed nor do they follow industry standards that will keep children safe. In such camps, children have been said to die because of exhaustion and unreasonable punishments that they have been subjected to. Not to mention the emotional stress children are also exposed to.It’s important that you know as much as you can about your prospective troubled teen boot camps before you send your child to one. It’s important to find what kind of accreditation they have and what governing body gave them their accreditation. It’s also important to know what kind of kids they accept in their camps. If your child is struggling with talking back or laziness, sending them to camp with teens who have problems with substance abuse may just put them in a situation where they can learn where to get these substances outside of the camp and how to use them. It gives them the wrong ideas and exposes them to further bad influences which they can still contact even after they’re out of boot camp. It’s good to know what kind of programs they have, what are their means of disciplining young people, and what medical facilities they have on camp.It’s also important to know what your child actually needs and whether the boot camp can fulfill these needs satisfactorily. For most teens who are struggling with behavioral issues, having somebody shouting at them and embarassng them because of their bad choices may be the last thing that they need. Teens who are acting out because of depression, an emotional/behavioral disorder, or other serious underlying issues cannot be helped unless the kids boot camp also employes therapists and intensive therapy is integrated into the program.For parents who think that bootcamps for teens don’t quite give them the help that they want for their teens, there are other options available. They may want to look into wilderness camps or therapeutic boarding school, depending on what the issue is. With wilderness camps and therapeutic boarding schools, intensive one-on-one and group therapy is integrated with the program. An initial screening is also done in order to evaluate what kind of help children need before they sign up, and if the camp has the facilities to help them with it.