Weight Loss Quick Tips – 4 Health and Fitness Tips We Should All Live By

When it boils down to it we all need to adopt healthy habits. Obesity is a serious problem. Especially in the Westernized world. More and more people are being declared obese by their doctors. Of course this opens the door for the big pharmaceutical companies to come up with new pills, powders and shakes that will supposedly help you shed a million pounds overnight. None of these magic pills and potions work.It’s time we all start taking responsibility for ourselves and take our health more seriously. Far too many people are dying due to obesity related diseases. It has to stop. Here are 4 very simple health and fitness tips we should all start living by.Health & Fitness Tip #1 – Start Drinking More WaterWater is extremely important to your overall health. Not only does it keep you hydrated and ensure your vital organs continue to function and operate, but it also help you lose weight by ridding your body of toxins and excess fat. Too many of us are borderline dehydrated. That means our bodies are basically working overtime trying to flush out all the toxins and junk. So drink more water. It does a body good.Health & Fitness Tip #2 – Eat More Often Throughout The DayWhen it comes to losing weight and getting in shape you want to eat more and not less. I know this sounds counter intuitive but hear me out. Most of use grew up on the whole eat 3 square meals a day bit. And while that isn’t bad advice, it also isn’t the best advice when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape.If you truly want to lose weight you will need to up the number of times you eat during the day. Notice I didn’t say up the amount of food you eat. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day you should eat 5 or 6 small meals. By doing this you will rev up your metabolism and cause your body to burn more calories all throughout the day. So start the day off with a nice healthy breakfast. This will help set the tone and get your body ready to burn the fat.Health & Fitness Tip #3 – Get Out And Get Some ExerciseSomething as simple as a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood will have a profound affect on your health. By getting regular exercise you will keep your heart and your joints strong. You will also prevent certain diseases from occurring. If you are currently out of shape just start off with something simple. Next time you have the option to take the elevator or the stairs, choose the stairs.Next time you go to the grocery store park as far back as you can. Don’t ride around looking for a close spot. Park far in the back so you can get a little exercise in. You don’t need to join a gym and pay a monthly fee to get exercise on a daily basis. Just be creative and most importantly have fun. Run around with the kids or play a game on the kinect with them. Anything that gets you moving is a good idea.Health & Fitness Tip #4 – Find A Way To Stay MotivatedLosing weight and getting in shape is not easy. Especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. That’s why it is very important that you find ways to keep yourself motivated and on track. The first thing you should do to stay motivated is determine your “why”. Why do you want to lose the weight and get in shape? Do you want to make sure you around to see your grandkids grow up?What is your “why”? Make sure it is big enough to keep you going during the rough patches. You should also consider getting a workout buddy. Having someone there to hold you accountable is a great motivator.

The Camp Oven With Grill by Camp Chef

When a person thinks of cooking food at a campground or camp site in the great outdoors where ever that might happen to be, the food that usually comes to mind is hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, steaks, grilled ribs or a stove top casserole that can be prepared on a camp stove or a grill over a campfire. These are all good foods and enjoyable to cook and eat at an outdoor setting, but what if you could include in that menu baked casseroles, pies and cakes, rolls and muffins, or even a pork roast or a turkey or ham. The items just mentioned don’t sound like something you would find at an outdoor camping table. With a normal camp stove or grill this kind of food is just not possible on a camping trip.However with the new Camp Chef portable oven with grill a whole new world of outdoor menu possibilities opens up. With the Camp Chef oven it is now possible to bake pies, cakes, casseroles, rolls, muffins and a whole list of goodies never before imagined on a camping trip.The reason this is possible is the Camp Chef oven is very portable weighing only 35 lbs. and with outer dimensions of 21″ W x 13″ D x 18″ H it easily fits in with the rest of the camping gear yet it has inside oven dimensions of 10″ D x 16″ W x 10″ H with a top oven heat of 400° so cooking a favorite casserole or even a roast is very possible.If there is not enough room to bring along the family camp stove the Camp chef Oven with grill can double as a camp stove because it has two top burners and a non-stick grill, included over one of the burners. The top has sides and a lid to keep the wind out and folds up easily for compact storage.The oven is easy to maintain and clean because of the grills non stick coating and the removable wire rack over the burner.The Camp Chef oven with grill has a number of other great features like stainless steel construction, durable powder coat finish and glass door, matchless ignition, oven thermometer and well insulated design, but the important thing is that now with this portable oven a whole new dimension of cooking on a camping trip is available. With this oven there is never a worry about having the same type of food day after day not to mention the fact that consistently having to eat fried foods is not healthy. Now baking and roasting can be a part of the camping cuisine and add a great deal of variety to all the meals breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as being healthy.A person, group or family can now go camping in the far reaches and remote places of the out door’s and not have to sacrifice any of the delicious, healthy foods that a creative chef can conger up.

Does Health and Fitness Come in a Bottle?

In an ideal world, there would be no need for additional vitamins and supplements. The fact of the matter is fewer people eat a varied enough diet to cover all bases. There are some essential nutritional additives that take care of the missing puzzle pieces in a diet. Boosting immunity to protect against disease is an important part of any person’s overall health and fitness. Everyone knows about vitamins A, C, and E, which are important, but are not the only letters in the alphabet.Certain vitamins are fat soluble and essential to health and fitness. These include vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is the one they call good for the eyes. This is absolutely correct. It is great for eye health and improves one’s vision in darkness. Stored in the liver, it is also beneficial to skin, teeth, and hair, so it hits on human vanity. There is evidence it increases the ability of one’s body to fight infection. Amazingly vision activity can deplete the body’s supply of vitamin A in those deficient, so it needs to be stored on a constant basis. Then there was ‘E’. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. The quest for protection against damaging free radicals is often addressed with vitamin E. Because it is fat soluble, it is best to limit its intake to what is recommended.Vitamin C is one of the more popular vitamins and also plentiful, especially in citrus fruits. This miracle vitamin contributes to collagen production, which enables body tissues to heal. It is also known to help reduce the severity of the common cold. Pirates and sailors with no access to this vitamin would become afflicted with what is known as scurvy. It caused a loss in hair and teeth, as well as excessive bruising. The downside with vitamin C is that it is readily absorbed and what is leftover is excreted upon urination.There are some supplements that protect nerves, some that boost immunity, some that protect against aging and free radicals. Whatever a person chooses to use an enhancement in health and fitness should be chosen with great care. Not every supplement should be used by every person and for some, especially those adding fat-soluble vitamins to a daily regimen, it can be damaging. In a best-case scenario, seeing a doctor before adding to diet may help narrow down any deficiencies and allow a physician to help fill in the blanks.